Song of the South

Fox: I sho' is got 'im! Heh heh! I got dat' ol'
rabbit dis time fo' sho'. Heh heh heh!

Remus: And wid dat, he grab up his axe and
make ready for to settle Brer Rabbit's hash, right now.

Remus: Now, Brer Rabbit, bein' little and
without much strength, he's supposed to use his

Remus: head, 'stead o' his foots, and that
sackly what he starting to do, when he hear ole

Remus: Brer Bear come ambling down de road.
Bear: Zip-a-de-do-da, zip-a-de-ay,
Zip-da-da-da-da, wonderful day. Zip-a-da-de-da...

Rabbit: Er...ah, howdy, Brer Bear. How do you do!
Bear: Dah-dah-dah-dah. Who.. ah.. where... uh...
Rabbit: How you come on?
Bear: Wha.. ah.. oh.. ah.. What you doin up dar?

Rabbit: Oh, keepin' de crows outa de cornfield.
I'se makin' a dollar a minute.

Bear: Uh... a dollar a minute?
Rabbit: Deed ah is!

Rabbit: Would you like to make a dollar a minute, Brer Bear?
Bear: Da... yeah, but...

Rabbit: Ya know, you'd make a
mighty fine scarecrow, brother Bear.

Bear: Uh, thanks.
Rabbit: How'd you like to have this job?

Bear: Oh yeah.. ah.. no.. I..I couldn't take your job
Rabbit: Oh no, no, dat's all right.

Rabbit: Bu-bu-bu-bu..I have made
enough money! I gots all I wants.

Rabbit: You need money.. Here, you take my job.
Bear: Oh no, I couldn't do...

Bear: Thank you Brer Rabbit.
Rabbit: That's all right. So long Brer Bear.

Bear: I'll never forget this.
Rabbit: Goodbye.