Terror by Night

and ask me to take a
coffin to Scotland.

He offered me a
hundred pounds.

Were you aware
that the coffin had a
secret compartment?

I was.
What story did this
person tell you

to account for a man being
concealed in the coffin?

That someone had
to leave London.

Foreign agents were
watching the trains.

Foreign agents.
All right.
Maybe I didn't believe
that foreign agent story.

You realize, of course,
this makes you
an accomplice?

What was the name of the
man who approached you?

I don't remember.
Ms. Vedder,
the man who engaged you
to take this
coffin to Scotland

was it by any chance
this man here?
I say old man aren't
you making a mistake?

My dear Watson,
just what do you know
about Major Duncan Bleek?
I've known him for years.
He's a member of my club.
I say is this a joke?
Does the name,
Colonel Moran,

mean anything to you sir?
Colonel Moran?
Yes, Colonel
Sebastian Moran.

Why I'm afraid it doesn't.
Good heavens you
don't think that I...

No no no of course not,
you have the
perfect alibi,

Doctor Watson.
Yes yes yes of course.
Good heavens gentlemen,
you are at perfect liberty
to search my compartment
or to search me.

And if you find
the diamond I...

No that won't
be necessary.

The Star of Rhodesia
has not been stolen.

What's that Mr. Holmes?
An imitation was stolen
I have the real one.
You've got it?
My dear Lestrade,
surely you didn't think
I would allow
Lady Margaret

to retain the
genuine diamond.

When I felt
reasonably certain

that an attempt would
be made to steal it

I have had it in
my possession

almost from the moment
I boarded the train.

Confound it, Mr. Holmes,
you had no
right to do that.

This is a police matter
come on let me have it.
My job was to see that
it wasn't stolen,

it wasn't.
Look I don't know what
this is all about

but I do know that
I never seen
this gentleman

before in my life.
I shall have to ask you
to remain in
your compartment

until we reach Edinburgh.
Inspector Lestrade?
Telegram for you sir.
Thank you.
Sorry old man,
I'm afraid my friend
owes you an apology.

Oh that's all
right Watson.

In a case like this
naturally everyone
is suspected.

Oh we all make mistakes,
even Holmes is
not infallible

and after all
the killer is still
at large you know?

Yes he is isn't he?