Black Narcissus

Thanks, Sister Briony.
[ Sighs ]
Talking of medicine,
Sister Briony,

if you get a bad case,
one that seems as though
it might be dangerous, don't take it.

- But that would be--
- It would be wise.

If you got a bad case and
some of your people died,

you'd have all the people
up against you.

- Why ?
- Well, you must remember,
they're primitive people...

and like, like children.
Unreasonable ch/ldren.
They've never seen med/c/ne. They'd
th/nk /t was mag/c, a new k/nd of mag/c.

So remember,
I've warned you.

By the way, how are you
feeling, all of you ?

Not very well.
Sister Ruth is the worst.

I think the water must be bad.
Ayah says it's the water.

On the contrary.
The water's too good.

It's Darjeeling tummy.
I'd better get that plumbing fîxed.

Sister Clodagh !
What has happened, Sister ?
Oh, Sister, Sister,
they brought in a woman.

Our fîrst bad case.
She was covered in blood.

I've never seen such a sight.
She must've cut an artery.

I had such a t/me stopp/ng
the bleed/ng. I've never seen
bleed/ng l/ke that before.

I didn't know what to do at fîrst,
but at last I managed to stop it.

A minute would've fetched Sister Briony
who would've stopped it at once.

What were you doing there ?
I told you to stay in bed.

I was only try/ng
to cons/der you, S/ster Br/ony.

It m/ght have been better
to have cons/dered the woman
who /s bleed/ng to death.

- Shall I wait ?
- We are coming in a moment.

I think you'd better
go back to your room.

Good-bye, Sister.
I hope your patient does well.