Black Narcissus

-Have you seen the young general today ?
- What's the latest ?

Beautiful emeralds.
The most beautiful green I've ever seen.

At that hour of the morn/ng,
they make me b/l/ous.

Have you seen his coats ?
He must have a different one
for every day of the year.

Lucky he doesn't
do his own laundry.

Yesterday he had a coat the color
of ripe corn, patterned with flowers.

His earrings were amethysts
three inches long,

and h/s r/ngs were turquo/se.
Today he's all jade and emeralds,
and h/s coat /s the most wonderful
pattern of pale v/olet str/pes,

just l/ke my grandmother's

Oh, Granny !
Turn around.
These emeralds are for you,
my darling, when you marry.

[ Wh/stl/ng ]
There's Con.
Good night, everybody.
Not too late, darling.
Oh, dear, I hope they get
someth/ng settled by the w/nter.

Where are you, Con ?
[ S/ster Ruth ]
He sa/d /t was called Black Narc/ssus,

and he got /t
at the army and navy stores.

Black Narcissus.
That's what
I'm going to call him.

It's a wonderful name for him.
He's so vain, like peacock.
Fine, black peacock.