Black Narcissus

-[ Sighs ]
-Don't take on so. There's a good girl.

It'll all blow over.
There's nothing really wrong.

Sister Philippa is leaving,
and this morning I had a letter
from Reverend Mother.

Sister Ruth
is giving up the order.

She has not renewed her vows.
I'm sorry.
And you--
Ever since we came here,

over all our troubles,
it's been,

""Ask Mr. Dean. Ask Mr. Dean.""
There was just no one else
you could ask.

But I had to take the young general.
I couldn't turn out the holy man.
I couldn't stop
the wind from blowing...

and the air from being
as clear as crystal...

and I couldn't hide the mountain.
Look, you must get away from here,
all of you, at once.

- Run aWay ?
- Yes, /f you've got any sense.

What, leave all this work,
like the brothers ?

I told you it was no place
to put a nunnery.

There's something in the atmosphere
that makes everything seem exaggerated.

Don't you understand ? You must
all get away before something happens !

[ Drums Cont/nue ]