Was Samuels drunk
when you left him in this bar?

- Had he been drinking?
- Yes, but he was all right.

At the bar, what was he arguing
with the soldier about?

They weren't arguing,
they were just talking.

I sent Sammy over to talk
to the soldier myself.

I saw he was upset about something.
What was the soldier? I mean, what rank?
I didn't notice. I left them.
- Where did you go?
- Up to my room.

It was the bar in my hotel.
I had to change, so I told Sammy
I'd meet him here.

We had a date for dinner.
I rested a while, and I fell asleep.
I called to say that I'd be a little late.
There wasn't any answer.

I came over just as soon
as I could find a cab.

Then I called you.
- Do I have to stay here?
- No.

I'll get somebody to drive you home.
Could he have hit his head
on the table when he fell?

He could have,
but with the beating he took...

:03:22 wouldn't have made
much difference.

- Take Miss Lewis home.
- Right.

Check at the bar while you're there. They
won't know anything, but check anyway.

There were three soldiers.
She left Samuels talking to one.

Make a report for the Army and have the
provost marshal's office locate this man.

All right, Miss Lewis.
What do you want?
- I'm sorry. I must have the wrong place.
- What place are you looking for?

I thought it was this apartment.
I was looking for a buddy.

You cops?
- Has something happened?
- Tell us about this buddy of yours.