Yes, sir. Well, we was here.
He left before we did. Wasn't feeling
good. Said he'd be right back...

Who's "we"?
- Me and another buddy of mine.
- Who'd you come here with?

With these two buddies of mine
and this fella.

What fella?
This fella we met in a bar.
Was this young lady with him?
- Was she with him?
- Yes, sir.

- Is this the one who was with Samuels?
- No. It was another one.

What happened?
Somebody killed this fella
you met in the bar.

Same fella?
What's your name?
Montgomery, sir.
Were you drunk tonight?
Well, I had a couple,
but I can handle that.

How long you been out of the service?
- Two weeks, about.
- You live here?

- No, sir.
- What are you doing in Washington?

I came back to see
a couple of my buddies.

- Where are you staying?
- Stewart Hotel.

I used to be stationed at the Stewart.
- I'm sponging a bunk from a buddy.
- What's his name, this one who was sick...

...who was coming back?
Mitchell. Mitch, we called him.
Corporal Arthur Mitchell?
- Where did you find it?
- In the sofa.

- Must have dropped out of his pocket.
- What's his outfit?

- Same as mine was.
- What were you in?

Signal Corps Detachment, Stewart Hotel.
Okay, clean it up.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.