She called me first. Last week. She was
worried about him. He hadn't written.

- Why?
- I don't know.

- Well, then guess.
- He's homesick. He's wife-sick.

Maybe something in her letters made him
suspicious of her love life. I don't know.

Anyway, he's got snakes. He's been nuts.
- But not nuts enough to kill somebody.
- How was he this afternoon?

He was trying to act like a soldier.
I think he went out to look for a girl.

What's your name, anyway?
Look, Finlay, this sort of life
doesn't bother some soldiers.

Doesn't bother me much.
I haven't seen my wife for two years.

When I do, maybe we'll pick up again.
Maybe we won't.

But I don't worry about it now.
Mitchell isn't like that.
Mitchell isn't tough.

He needs his wife.
I called her and told her what I thought:
She ought to hop a plane and come
down here and cheer him up.

She's on her way now.
She'll be here tonight.

I still don't know what this is all about.
Why did you pick me up?

You're Mitchell's closest friend,
aren't you?

I don't advertise it.
Mitchell's other friend told us about you.
Let's have Montgomery back.
Where does Montgomery come in?
He was with Mitchell and a boy named
Floyd Bowers this afternoon in a bar.

They met a Mr. Samuels there
and went up to his apartment.

Mitchell left first but told Montgomery
he was coming back.

We were looking at Samuels' body when
Montgomery came looking for Mitchell.

You're just taking Montgomery's word
that Mitch went to this apartment?

Not entirely.
We found Mitchell's wallet there,
down behind a sofa cushion.

Where's Bowers?
Keeley. You hear all this
they're trying to pin on Mitch?