- Cup of coffee, please.
- Any luck?

Ask the desk if there
are any messages.

Mitch's wife might have phoned
from the airport.

- Sure you know Mitchell when you see him?
- Sure.

Hi, Harry. What's the matter?
Which one?
Beat it.
- What's the matter, Keeley?
- Shut up.

- Break it up. Stand back.
- Got the wrong guy. Mitchell got away.

- He took off...
- You started after me.

What do you expect me to do,
get run over?

- Where's Keeley?
- Who's Keeley?

Okay, let him go.
Tragedy struck this great waterfront city
in the early hours of the morning.

Fire, starting in this warehouse,
spread quickly.

- I couldn't have killed this guy.
- That's not the point.

We can't stay here forever.
You've gotta have a story for the cops.

They've got Monty's, and it sounds
pretty good, but not for you.

I want you to tell me everything you can.
How drunk were you?

I don't know. Pretty drunk, I guess.
How long were you with this girl?
- Well, l...
- You ought to know.

Was it one hour, two hours, three hours?
I can't remember.
My head hurts.