- I can't remember any of it very well.
- Okay.

You ran into Monty and Leroy and Floyd.
And you went to some bar with them.
Okay, take it from the bar. Take it slow,
and remember everything you did.

Well, we were there
quite a while, I guess.

I got restless. I wanted to shove.
Monty was shooting off his mouth.
I wasn't really listening.

Some of them are okay, get that.
Now, Mitchell, here, he's okay.

He was one of my boys.
An artist. Very talented.

But most of them, they got no manners.
You don't wanna hear that. Let's have
a good time. Have another round.

You never seen such stealing.
I remember I was suddenly
sick of him and Floyd.

I wanted my wife.
I wanted to be alone.
I wanted to be somewhere else.
They got no respect for the service.
- What will you have?
- Beer.

My girl is worried about you.
We were talking about you
when that kid spilled that drink on her.

She says you're not drinking
but you're getting drunk anyway.

Anybody that can do that
has got a problem.

- It's a funny thing, isn't it?
- Very funny.

It's worse at night, isn't it?
I think maybe it's suddenly not having
a lot of enemies to hate anymore.

Maybe it's because for four years
we've been focusing our mind on...

On one little peanut.
The win-the-war peanut.
That was all. Get it over.

Eat that peanut.
All at once, no peanut.
Now we start looking at each other again.
We don't know
what we're supposed to do.

We don't know
what's supposed to happen.