We're too used to fighting.
But we just don't know what to fight.
You can feel the tension in the air.
A whole lot of fight and hate
that doesn't know where to go.

Guy like you maybe starts hating himself.
:25:21 of these days maybe
we'll all learn to shift gears.

Maybe we'll stop hating
and start liking things again, huh?

What sort of an artist are you?
I did a mural once in a post office
for the WPA.

Oh, a lot of fine artists came from there.
I thought at first
he was just plain screwy.

Then suddenly I changed my mind.
He was easy to talk to.

I don't remember
exactly what we talked about...

... but I remember we talked
a lot about baseball.

I think he must have been
on a newspaper or something.

We were still talking
when his girl came back.

They wanted me to go out,
eat with them. That seemed all right.

I guess I said I would.
But she had to change, so we decided
to go up to his place and wait for her.

I don't remember
exactly what we talked about...

... or how long before Monty
and Floyd came.

Suddenly I began to feel worse
instead of better.

Everything began to get fuzzy.
You're doing all right, kid.
You're doing all right.

You know what I'd do
if I had some dough, Sammy?

I'd go to the liquor store,
and I'd tell the man...

...wrap up three bottles of this liquor.
Three bottles all at one time.
...let me tell you something.
Not many civilians will take a soldier
into their house like this for a quiet talk.

Well, let me tell you something.
A guy that's afraid to take a soldier
into his house, he stinks.

And I mean he stinks.