It's nice out here.
Used to be a spaghetti restaurant.
They don't use the garden anymore.

- Would you like me to make you spaghetti?
- Sure.

I live at the Regal Apartments,
on Southern Street.

You could wait for me.
I won't be home for a couple hours...

...but, well, you could sleep or some...
I'll try to get away early.
But if you don't wanna wait, just lock
the door and put the key in the mailbox.

It was a crazy thing to do, I guess,
but it made sense at the time.

Besides, I thought
I could use a little sleep.

I walked around some more,
then I went up to her apartment.

First thing I remember was
somebody knocking on the door.

I couldn't figure out at first where I was.
Then when I remembered...
... I couldn't remember
whether Ginny had been there or not.