- Want some coffee?
- Sure.

I'm her husband. I'm Ginny's husband.
I was a soldier. I conked out.
You're wondering about this setup,
aren't you?

Yeah, I guess I am.
Well, ask her, then.
She was a tramp when I married her.
I didn't know it at first...

...but I knew it before we married. That's
one reason I enlisted, to get away from her.

But I couldn't wait to get out
and come back to her.

When I did, she didn't want me.
Funny, isn't it?
But I still want her. I still love her.
You know what I just told you?
That's a lie.

- I see.
- I'm not her husband.

I met her the same as you did,
at the joint.

I can't keep away from her. I wanna
marry her, and she won't have me.

- I see.
- Do you believe that? Well, it's a lie too.

I don't love her,
and I don't wanna marry her.

She makes good money there.
- You got any money on you?
- No.

She makes good money sometimes.
Hey. Do you suppose I could be a soldier?
Maybe I could in the regular Army.

Make a good rating and make
some dough by the next war.

- Why not?
- Why not?

Because I don't want to.
What do I wanna be a soldier for?