I'm too restless.
I don't know what I wanna do.
- You gonna wait for her?
- I don't know.

Well, wait for her if you want to.
Soon as we've had some coffee,
I'm gonna take a nap.

Got any cigarettes?
I remembered what you said
when I left you, Keeley.

You said, "Meet me at the hotel
at midnight. " I said, "Why?"

You said, "Meet me. I wanna show you
Washington. It's educational.

Maybe you'll learn something.
Meet me, or I'll murder you. "

Suddenly, the whole thing was screwy.
I decided to get out of there.
I went straight to the hotel, and next thing
I knew, you were pushing me around.

How long was it from the time you left
Samuels' till the time you met this Ginny?

- I don't know...
- How long were you in her apartment?

- Well, l...
- Oh, you ought to be kept in a cage.

What's happening? Is everything
suddenly gone crazy?

I don't mean just this.
I mean everything. Or is it just me?

Oh, it's not just you.
The snakes are loose.
Anybody can get them.

I get them myself,
but they're friends of mine.

- I think Samuels understood it.
- That's a big help.

Are you still in love with your wife or not?
I guess I am.
- She still in love with you?
- That's a screwy thing to ask.

Maybe it is, but she's here now.
Or she should be.

- I gotta figure out how much to tell her.
- Mary?

Oh, she doesn't know anything.
She was coming here anyway.

- Why?
- To see you.