I had everything figured out.
Just what we was gonna do.

You went out and phoned,
and you spoiled everything.

I didn't spoil nothing.
I told Keeley I hadn't seen you.

I told Keeley I knew nothing about you.
You heard me say that.

Nobody can pin anything on you, Monty.
That's right, Floyd.
Nobody can pin anything on me.

Look, Monty, I'll go to Mexico.
I'll never come back.

I don't wanna get mixed up in this.
I had nothing to do with it.

Criminy, you went crazy or something.
Samuels didn't do anything to you.

- You just went crazy.
- I didn't do nothing to Samuels either.

Except I flicked him. Like that.
Not that hard, maybe.

- Stop it, Monty! Monty, stop!
- More like that.

Monty, stop it! You went nuts!
I got nothing against Jews. Monty!

Well, I don't like Jews!
And I don't like nobody who likes Jew...

I'd like to see Captain Finlay.
It's important.

- What's your name?
- Peter Keeley. Sergeant Peter Keeley.

Captain Finlay isn't in now.
Have a seat, sergeant.

Captain Finlay wants to see you now.
You're sure he's not too busy?
I wouldn't wanna bother him.
What happened?