- What do you do?
- I work.

- Where?
- At the Red Dragon.

What's wrong about working there?
That make me a criminal?

Does that give you the right to bust into
my house and ask me a lot of questions?

Is that where you met Mitchell?
That's where I meet a lot of people.
I never heard of Mitchell.

- You live here alone?
- Sure.

- Is there something wrong in that?
- The police won't hurt you. He promised.

- All we want you to do is to tell the truth.
- Sit down, Virginia.

Now, about Mrs. Mitchell's husband...
He's in pretty deep, Virginia.
Looks like he killed a man, maybe two.

Mrs. Mitchell doesn't think he did,
but that's only natural.

I know he was here. He told me.
That doesn't matter now. Never mind me.

- We've got to think of him.
- Oh, brother! Listen to that.

"Never mind me.
We've gotta think of him."

Well, isn't that sweet.
Isn't that just too sweet.

He wasn't here with me.
He could have been, but he wasn't.
He could have come up.

I could've cooked him something, and we
could've talked. What's wrong with that?

What's the matter with me being
with her precious husband? Does he break?

And where was she?
Where were you when he needed you?
Maybe you were someplace having
beautiful thoughts. Well, I wasn't.

I was in a gin mill, where all he had to do
to see me was walk in and buy me a drink.

And that's all I know about it.
I didn't ask him if he killed anybody.

Listen, Virginia...
You're not involved in this murder,
so nothing will happen to you.

- That's the first point. Got it?
- You bet I got it.

Okay, now. When was...?
I mean, what time?

This is all a question of time.
What time was Mitchell with you
at the Red Dragon?