We found the body of this man, Samuels,
at 10:00. He'd been dead half an hour.

So if Mitchell was with you
between 9 and 10, he's all right.

Was he?
Tell me the truth.
I gave him my key,
I don't know, maybe 8:30.

I liked him. I felt sorry for him.
I was sick of the stinking joint. I was gonna
ditch early, only I couldn't get away.

I didn't get home till 1, maybe 2.
He wasn't here.

He'd been and gone. Left the key.
- But I don't know what time.
- Is that the truth?

I said it's the truth. What do you want me
to do, light up like a Christmas tree?

We're wasting our time.
This isn't going to help your husband.

He was up here.
The soldier you're talking about
was up here. I talked to him.

Thanks. Who are you?
A guy. What does it matter?
You wanna know if a soldier...

This has nothing to do with you.
Mind your own business.

- Any man you bring here is my business.
- It's not your business to spy...

:56:08 me like I belong to you,
because I don't. I hate your guts!

What time? What time was it?
He was here when I came. I asked him
how long he'd waited. Said he didn't know.

I should have thrown him out.
I started to make coffee, and he left.

- What time did you get here?
- Twelve-thirty. Ginny's usually here by then.

I'll be glad to help if I can.
I'll be here if you need me.

You will not. You'll get out right now!
She hates me, all right. She sure hates me.
I'm a DD. Dishonorable discharge.

I was in the Army. I'm her husband.
We've been separated, but I still love her.

I don't want a divorce.
I don't know what to do.

We made a lot of plans,
but they all fell through.

I'll be around if you want me.
Where's my wife?
Why can't I talk to her?

Your wife's all right.
I sent her to a hotel.