Lady in the Lake

Wire's a phony. Anybody
could have sent it.

Why, even i could call up
and clear a wire out of el paso if i wanted to.

Maybe you did.
You're very funny.
If she's really missing,
why isn't kingsby looking for her?

I don't know.
Maybe he thinks she's off on a toot,

but a mexican divorce
with no property settlement?

Not crystal kingsby.
She'd do it right here in california.

Besides that,
crystal kingsby isn't a big enough fool

to marry chris lavery.
Why not?
You don't marry
the chris laverys of this world.

You just pay their
bills, lend them all the money they need,

then forget
to ask for it back.

You seem to know
all about him.

What's that
got to do with it?

Nothing. It has
to do with you.

You know him well?
What do you mean?
Why are you looking at me like that?

If you don't think
there's a case or a mystery here,

then i've been
wasting your time.

Please don't let me
waste any more of it.

Perhaps you'd better go
home and play with your fingerprint collection.

Where does
chris lavery live?

Bay city.
676 altair street,
the edge
of the canyon.

And you hope he
throws me into it.

One more question-
what would happen
if i kissed you?

Why don't you
try and see?

You always
close your eyes

when you think
somebody's going to kiss you?

What stopped you?
What's lavery like? Broad shoulders?

Did you close your
eyes for him, too?

Get out!
You want
to marry kingsby

because lavery
jilted you, eh?

That's not true.
Get out.

Now, i'll go
see the guy,

but don't try
to be cute anymore.

I know you. We'll
skip the drinks.

You better get
to work and edit my manuscript.

Yes. I plan
to slash the emotion right out of it.