He would like to. He admires one
He almost copies him

The poet that your man must know by
memory is Charles Bodelaire

Bodelaire was obsessed with the idea
that death is beautiful

Listen to this. A beauty still more
beautiful in dead. Your criminal...

...has the same hallucinations
A beauty that only death can...

I see, but Bodelaire died
a century ago

in a horrible way in Paris in 1.867
Your assassin, if he´s like Bodelaire

...will look for beauty and charm
constantly. A beautiful new face will...

...always attract him
Any unusual appeal will inspire him...

...will lead him to destruction
He likes variety...

...and he´s never satisfied
Like a modern Don Juan
You could say that. I hope I made it
more clear, inspector

Bodelaire? That might help,
but at the moment I don´t see how

Thank you very much Doctor Howkins
and good day

Sir, this is the chance of a lifetime
The chance of a lifetime?
I would do anything to work in a
Fleming and Willes show

Fleming and Willes? What´s wrong
with your job here? What´s wrong...

...with this place? I like it
Me too, it´s great and loaded
with opportunities

But I want to go to that audition
Would you let me off tonight?

Not, unless you want to loose your
job. We need more girls, including

...your friend Lucy
By the way, what happened to her?

I know nothing about her. Her
landlady might know, did you ask her?

That´s a good idea. And go back to
work like a good girl

Bye cutie
I need a line