I had more important things
in my minds

Such us?
Like planning a night out with you
Do you like that song?
Yes, very much
Do you know what´s called?
All for love
I never had it sound like
that before

You didn´t write that letter
The technique is entirely different
You have your way, I have
mine. Would you like to dance or...

:49:52 that reserved for auditions?
l´d like to very much
l´ll pass judgement this time
Dear, your heiress
- For as long as she can hold it

- Obviously it´s just the beginning
- The old Fleming´s pattern...

:50:08´s always the same. He takes her
in his arms and they dance a few...

...steps in a beautiful, harmonious
silence, and...

...then he starts his charming
little speeches

Now he begins his campaign
to soften her a little

He tells her how exciting he is,
how fortunate he is and...

:50:36 beautiful her red hair is,
or dark or purple as the case may be

Don´t say it, Mr. Fleming let me
guess, l´m sure it´s been said before