Nightmare Alley

The geek is one of our biggest draws...
but a lot of performers
won't work a show that carries one.

I can't understand how anybody
could get so low.

It can happen.
- I wanna thank you, Zeena.
- Me?

- Uh-huh.
- What for?

For being so nice to me,
helping me with my spiel and everything.

- Well, I think you've got something, Stan.
- Honest?

- You like this racket, don't you?
- Oh, lady, I was made for it.

I had all kinds of jobs
before this one came along...

but none of'em
were anything but jobs.

But this gets me.
I like it. All of it.

The crowds, the noise,
the idea of keeping on the move.

You see those yokels out there,
it gives you sort of a superior feeling...

as if you were in the know
and they were on the outside looking in.

Kinda hard to explain,
but I like it.

I like you too, Zeena.
Hey, look! Hey, look! Hey, look!
Step right this way!

Move in closer, ladies and gentlemen,
and let me introduce Zeena...

the miracle woman of the ages.
She sees, she knows, she tells you
all the innermost secrets of your past...

your present and your future.
- Mademoiselle Zeena!
- Step right up, folks, and don't be bashful.

If any of you wants
to ask me a personal question...

Mr. Stanton will now pass among you
with little cards and envelopes.

- Lend me your hand there.
- Write your question on the card!

- I need a pencil.
- Pass those out. There we are, ladies.

Don't crowd.
There's plenty here for everyone.

Careful not to let anyone else see what you write,
because that's your business.

- I don't want anybody asking me about anyone else's business.
- One for you, young lady.

When you have written your questions,
sign your initials or write your name...

as a token of good faith.
Write what's in your heart,
and when you write about it, think about it.

Madam? Yes, madam. Your questions
will be held in strictest confidence.

No one will know but yourself
and Mademoiselle Zeena.