She shows marked thought blocking,
almost complete mutism.

Now, then...
in order to help you, we've got to find out
something about you...

and to find out about you...
we've got to make it possible
for you to talk.

We'll try narcosynthesis.
Seven-and-a-half grains in 10 cc's
of sterile distilled water.

Yes, Dr. Willard.
That's fine. It's not going to hurt.
It will just help you
to tell us what we want to know.

Don't you want to talk to us?
In a few seconds
you're going to be able to talk.

I want you to tell me what you're thinking.
Every time I see the reaction
to this treatment...

I get exactly the same thrill
that I did the first time.

Miss Rosen...
elevate the head of the bed, please.
Now watch, Craig.
There! That's better, isn't it?
Now you can think much more clearly,
can't you?

That's much better.
Much better.
It's all right. You're in a hospital.
What hospital?
You became very ill in a restaurant.
Don't you remember?

I don't believe you.
- I'd like to leave now.
- All right.

You help us to make you well again,
then you can leave.

That's fair enough, isn't it?
What's your name?
Louise Howell.
You live in Washington?
Why are you in Los Angeles?
- To get away from them.
- From them?