Song of the Thin Man

- Yes, what is it?
- Mr. And Mrs. Charles to see Ms. Thayar.

I'm sorry, sir. Ms. Thayar's asleep.
It's very important. You'd better wake her.
- I'm afraid I can't.
- John, what is it?

Ms. Thayar, this is an unusual time
to come visiting but I've got to talk to you.

You've done enough talking already.
Janet, I tried to get in touch with you.
Mr. Charles had to do what he did.

- It was for Brant's own good.
- That's a neat switch.

- So now you're his benefactor.
- And yours, too.

Unless you'd enjoy being a widow.
Very well.
- Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.

Ms. Thayar, I... Well.
- Would you like a drink?
- Well, this is my brandy hour.

- Mrs. Charles, would you like a drink?
- I could stand some sherry.

The weapon that killed Tommy Drake...
seems to have the ballistics experts
rather neatly stumped.

That leads to one of two
possible conclusions:

Either the gun was handmade,
or it was a pre-ballistics antique.

Probably very early 18th century.
Perhaps the property of some collector.

Dear me, I'm terribly sorry.
- Here, use this.
- Quite all right. Thank you.

Well, that's very interesting,
but not interesting enough...

to come breaking down doors
at this hour of the morning.

My husband is neither a gunsmith
nor an antique collector.

No, but wasn't the City Museum...
given a million-dollar art collection
by your father?

Yes, Father gave the museum his...
Elizabethan and Chippendale pieces.
Georgian silver...