Song of the Thin Man

The money. She wanted $2,500.
I had to go to Phil's place to get it.

Ms. Page didn't strike me
as a blackmailing type.

I don't think she was.
She said she needed the money
for somebody out of town.

Had to have it in a hurry. She seemed
quite upset and nervous about it.

Hollis doesn't seem
to be anywhere in town.

- Hello? Hotel Vesta.
- Yes, Ms. Page stopped here several times.

- Was she alone?
- Now, we don't go snooping on our guests.

Their comings and goings
are their own business...

and that applies to your Ms. Page.
She just stayed in her room
and kept to herself.

Except about 1:50 she'd go out and
get back about 3:10, that's all.

Outside of after dinner, when she did
the same thing, only then she'd leave...

about 7:50 and get back about 9:10.
That's all I know about her because
we don't go snooping on our guests.

I don't suppose you'd remember
whether she ever had any visitors?

No question of not remembering. Just a
question of not snooping on our guests.

No concern of ours if some Al Amboy and
a couple of his friends come visiting her.

They were nice, polite young gentlemen.
Went out with Ms. Page at the same time.

She never called a cab
and there was never any outside.

So I just decided she liked to take walks
for her health.

If you've come to fish for information,
you've come to the wrong place...

because we never go snooping
on our guests.

- Mr. Purdy, telephone.
- Yes.

1:50, 3:10. 7:50, 9:10.
Sounds like visiting hours.

Those are visiting hours.
He latched onto something, teacher.
Are there any public institutions,
a jail, a prison, or a hospital...

- within 10 minutes walk of here?
- Fast walking or slow walking?

Never mind.
But you're sure there's no Hollis there?
I see.
Unless you want to try the city pound,
the dump, or the waterworks...