Call Northside 777

...forgotten until
October 10, 1944...

...when an advertisement

:09:05 the classified section
of the Chicago Times.

Yes, sir.
Get me the file on John W. Bundy.
A cop killed in 1932.
- All right.

And get McNeal.
- Yes, sir.

Check this.
What do you make of it?
I want to know why
it's worth 5,000 dollars...

:09:58 somebody to find out who
killed a cop eleven years ago.

1932 was open seasons for cops.
Over the Northside they were
shooting them in pairs...

:10:07 a brace of ducks.
It's all I find on that
cop killed in 1932...

...that Bundy guy, Mr. Kelly.
See what I mean?
He didn't rate much.
It won't hurt to check it.
You might get your
name in the papers.

This is sucker bait.
Every grifter and mooch in town will
be out after that five grand.

They'll frame their
brothers to get it.

Maybe this is a frame.
It has a lot of angles.

See what I mean?
It just takes you longer to catch on.
I was just thinking about it.