Cry of the City

Hi, Counsellor.
Lieutenant Collins!
l didn't know that chasing
ambulances was in your line.

This is serious.
ls Martin Rome still alive?

Just about.
You've got to let me see him.
He hasn't got a quarter.
l'm not interested in
defending a cop killer.

l knew McReady, too.
What do you want from Rome?
lf he's dying. l want a confession.
He can save an innocent man.
Confession to what?
His implication in the
de Grazia case.

The de Grazie case? You're crazy.
We're holding Whitey Leggett on that.
All we need is to get...
That's right.
Leggett's my client.
l admit it.
He's done plenty, but he didn't
do the de Grazia job.

lf l can talk to Rome,
l can prove it.

Torturing old ladies?
Rome doesn't go in for that.
-Candella, please,...

...time is precious.
l wouldn't come here on
a wild goose chase.

This is a man's life.
Maybe we'd better let him.
lt's okay with the doctor,
it's okay with me.

lt's in his hands now.
-Thank you.

...can you hear me?
This is Niles, the Lawyer.
Do you understand?

l want you to concentrate
just for a few seconds.

Rome, they're holding Whitey Leggett.
Whitey Leggett...
...for the de Grazia case.
He didn't do it, Rome.
He did not do it.
You know that.
You can save him.
:06:45're in bad shape,...
:06:47 may not pull out.
Don't go with this on your soul.
Please, Rome,...
...just tell us you were in
on the de Grazia case.

Don't say nothing, just
nod. You killed her.