Cry of the City

But if l confess, so what?
How am l going to prove it?
l got no jewels. l don't
how the job was done.

There's a chance l might get
one or two pieces of it.

l wondered why you came
in the other night.

You thought l was too
sick to remember?

Tell'em you did it, Rome.
Don't go with this on your soul.
l remember.
'Tu berbanti'.
Wait, Marty.
Go ahead, get out.
Get out, you crook.
l know you work for Whitey Leggett.
You think l lie and count my fingers?
You think l'll take a rap for
you? Go confess yourself.

Don't get excited, Marty.
l'm sorry.
l shouldn't have tried
to pull that on you.

Be practical, my friend.
You're going to the chair anyway.
You killed a cop.
You can't beat that.
-Get out!

Homicide is beginning to think
you and your girl did the job.

l got no girls, Niles.
Of course, you haven't.
What would you think
of 10,000 dollars?

lf you had a girl,...
...10,000 would take her a long way.
You haven't...
:16:23 we'll give it to you mother.
Think of it, Marty.
10,000 dollars...
...for a lines that don't
mean anything to you.

That cop is going to throw you out.
-They're looking for her.

Looking hard.
-Let'em look.

She must be beautiful, Marty.
You always could pick them.
Dark, l bet...
...with a face like a Madonna.
-Young, too.

You better knock off that yapping.