Cry of the City

l been here three months.
They don't know l know that.
Wait till l get my keys, Lieutenant.
Look it, Orvy!
l'll only be a few minutes.
Take your time, Lieutenant.
l'll leave the door open for you.

Some soup from your mother.
How is she?
How do you think?
How's Papa and the kids?

l saw your brother, Tony.
He's a great boy.
l beat he told you where to head in.
Great boy.
He thinks you're a hero, Marty.
6 or 8 years from now
l'll be chasing him, too.

He'll have plenty of fun first.
Do you think it's worth it?
How much money you make?
Ninety four dollars and forty
three cents a week.

Ninety four dollars and forty-three
cents, don't go far.

Ever go to Florida for
a couple of weeks?

Or bet 100 bucks on a horse?
Or give a girl a big
bunch of orchids...

...because you like her smile?
-No, but l sleep good nights.

ln some cheap room.
Not me. l had enough of
that when l'm a kid.

Crummy tenements,
no food, no clothes.

Save it for the jury.