Cry of the City

Who do you think you're kidding?
l was brought up in
the district, too.

l've heard that dialogue
ever since l was ten.

Get hep...
...only suckers work...
...don't be a square, stay
with the smart money...

...let the old man get calluses
digging ditches...

:28:18 food, no clothes,
crummy tenements.

You're breaking my heart, Marty.
You played it your way,
l played it mine.

Think it's worth the chair?
l don't know.
l haven't tried yet.
Maybe you won't mind.
You'd be the center of attention.
Me, l'd kind of think of afterwards.
When they slide that pine box
through the back door...

...and somebody has to identify
it before they take it away.

l do what l do, l get the
chair. Nobody else.

What about the girl?
What about...
You mean the angel?
You haven't found her yet?

You look a long time.
-Stop clowning, look.

l'll play square with you.
lf you're shielding an innocent
girl, tell me who she is.

lf her story agrees with yours
l'll call the dogs off.

There's no girl, Candella.
l'll have to keep on looking.
lt's kind of dull work.
You certainly picked some pips.
What do you mean?
How about this little number,
Constancia Lopez?

-And Brenda Margingale.

She's not so young anymore.
-And Maria,...

Rosarita! lf she were on a job
they'd hear you in New ark.

One of them may be the one l want.
You're crazy.
Maybe. Guard!
Coming up, Lieutenant.
Then, there's Elena, Andrea,...