Cry of the City

l'll bring you coat.
Because he said...
-This is my home too.

There are other children.
You must go, Marty.
l'll bring you food and you will go.
lt's Tony.
How about that flatfoot?
He's walking in circles.
-What about Tina?

A dame came and took her
away two days ago.

No address, no nothing.
How did the woman look?
l don't know. Kind of
heavy and tall and...

...a blue cape, l think
the landlady said.

What's the matter? ls that okay?
lt's okay, Tony.
Good boy.
Get the scissors, cut the bandage.

Lieutenant Candella!
This way, please.
Hello, Mama Roma.
l didn't expect you.
Won't you be seated?
Let's sit in the kitchen, Mama.
lt's so much warmer there.
Besides, it smells so good.