Cry of the City

Madame Rose.
Good girl.
Take me up there.
l can't keep driving.
They'll catch us.

They'll pinch me with you.
Take me to Rose Given.

You said l could go when l
found her. You promised me.

What's the matter?
Marty, don't, you'll get us
both in an awful mess.

What am l going to do?
...we cannot stay here.
ls it bad?
ls he going to die?
l don't know.
Keep quiet. Just drive.
l can't just drive.
Somebody will see us.

l have no license to practice.
We cannot stop.
You must drive, l'm sorry.
These are bullet wounds.
He didn't tell me.
l was scared you wasn't
going to come.

lt is against the law
whatever l do.

But this...
...will cost you more.
l need money, 200.
l don't care, he's got it.
He has torn these wounds by moving.
They faster.
He must be in bed.
Can you fix him?
-Only for a short time.

He must get treatment,...
...and must have light.
Quickly, pull in!
But l can't. They'll see us.