Easter Parade

- Here's the young lady.
- Nadine.

Darling, I was so excited
when I got your message.

- When did you get in town?
- I got in this morning.

I can recommend fillet of sole meuniere.
- Monsieur had that last night.
- Last night?

- We'll order later.
- Very well. I'll remove this.

We're expecting someone else.
- Luncheon for three?
- Who's joining us?

Someone who's very important
to both of us.

Johnny, I'm going to meet your father.
Look, Nadine, our future is so far away.
I have years of school ahead of me...
I thought you were almost finished
with law school.

I am, I am. But I've decided
to become a doctor.

I'll wait.
Well, it's liable to be a tough struggle.
I won't inherit any of my father's money
until I'm at least...

- Fifty-five? That's an odd arrangement.

Well, Father was very eccentric.
He hated children.

Oh, I love children.
Maybe you could adopt one.
- There he is.
- Hello, Johnny.

Donald. If you'll forgive me,
I have an oral psychology exam.

You what? You'll flunk it.
Hello, Nadine.
I'm glad you're here, Don.
Sit down, won't you?

- Thanks.
- I've been wanting to talk to you.

You have?
You look tired.
Breaking in new routines.
You remember it.

It seems years ago.
I can tell you how many minutes it's been.
Is the gentleman coming back?
Yes, but not for lunch.
Luncheon for two?
We have some very fine
broiled lamb chops today.

We'll order later. Thank you.
Very good, monsieur.
...very nice to see you.
I've been hearing about your new act.