Easter Parade

- You did?
- Yes.

You've been trying
to be somebody else.

I've been trying to what?
- Look at you.
- What's the matter?

- That dress.
- I've tried to explain...

- That hat.
- I knew I wouldn't look good.

- The way you move in the numbers.
- You told me to move like that.

All right. I've changed my mind.
- From now on, you're gonna be yourself.
- I am?

You'll start from the beginning.
There'll be no more fancy dresses.

There is no more Juanita.
From now on, you're just plain
Hannah Brown.

Whatever you say.
- Do you know this song?
- Yes.

- I'd like to hear you sing it, please.
- All right.

Get over there where
I can see you, please.

I love the piano
I love the piano

I love to hear somebody play
Upon a piano
A grand piano

It simply carries me away
I know a fine way
To treat a Steinway
I love to run my fingers o'er the keys
The ivories

And with the pedal
I love to meddle

When Paderewski comes this way
I'm so delighted
If I'm invited

To hear the longhaired genius play
So you can keep your fiddle
And your bow

Give me a P-l-A-N-O
Oh, oh!

I love to stop right
Beside an upright

Or a high-toned baby grand
Oh, that's wonderful!
- Is it?
- Wonderful. Great.

- Do you know this?
- Yes, I know it.

Good girl!
That's fine.
Now around.
Oh, yes!