Easter Parade

Sometimes I make mistakes on purpose.
You know, I think that Fran├žois was right,
there are three of us here.

...supposing Don were interested
in someone else?

Do you mean Nadine?
Well, they used to work together.
- He was in love with her, wasn't he?
- I don't know. I guess so.

Well, he isn't anymore.
He turned down the Ziegfeld show.
Because he said that she didn't belong
in the same show with me.

I agree with him.
Now, is there anything more
that I can tell you about Don?

Good. Now let's talk about us.
Did you know that scientists say that people
fall in love quickest during a rainstorm?

I can prove that.
Because that's when I fell
in love with you.

You're not angry?
Angry? No, I'm not angry.
I'm very proud.
Do you think that...
...you could love me?
Oh, Johnny, I'd be such a fool if I didn't.
...l'm in love with Don.
Are you sure?
And it's...
It's nothing like I thought
it was going to be.

It never is.
You know, l...
I used to dream that...
...when I'd fall in love with a man...
...he'd send me flowers...
...sweep me off my feet,
take me in his arms.

It's nothing like that with Don.