Key Largo

Hello, Mama Ochobee.
Every lndian here is
a descendent of Mama Ochobee.

She admits to being 1 08 years old.
But she has a son who's 1 1 2.

We suspect Mama doesn't tell
the truth about her age.

Him new husband? No, Mama.
Not new husband.

You got cigarette?
Pretty big blow coming?
Indians always know.
Don't ask me how, but they do.

More will be along. They come to
us from as far as Matecumbe Key.

This one was born in our lobby
during the last big blow.

Hello, Tom.
Hello, John.

Tom and John are Osceola.
How do you do?
We get Mr. Temple message.
We hear give ourself up to police.

He thinks it's the best.
What Mr. Temple say, we do.
Him good friend to lndian.
Why don't you go to the hotel?
Dad'll call Palm Grove.

Thanks, Miss Nora.
Poor fellas got into some trouble
and were arrested.

I know.
Mr. Temple told me about them.

They really trust Dad Temple.
All the lndians.

As far as they're concerned,
he's the United States of America.

You're very happy here,
aren't you?

-You're never lonely?

Did George tell you?
I met him at a USO dance.

He was lonesome.
He wanted company.

I was working at a defense plant.
I knew lots of people,
but I was lonesome too.

Before George, my life
hadn't made much sense.

I never had much of a home,
and I didn't like what I had.

George. . .
. . .gave me roots.
When he went overseas,
I came here to stay with his father. . .