Key Largo

I recognized him right away
from pictures.

I made a break for the door,
and the lights went out again.

I'm the electrician.
What did Miami have to say?
Everything's okay.
How soon will they be down?
They were leaving right away.
How're you feeling, copper?
I'll say one thing,
you sure can take it.

By the way Toots poured it on,
I'm surprised you ever woke up.

Boy, sure is hot.
Not too close.
So I won't get away with it, huh?
How many times I heard that
from dumb coppers.

I still say it.
You'd give your left eye
to nail me, wouldn't you?

You can see the headlines, can't you?
"Local Deputy Captures Johnny Rocco. "
Your picture would be
in all the papers.

You might even get to tell on
the newsreel how you pulled it off.

Well, listen, hick.
I was too much for any big-city
police force to handle.

They tried, but they couldn't.
Took the U.S. government
to pin a rap on me.

Yeah, and they won't make it stick!
You hick!
I'll be getting guys elected
mayor and governor. . .

. . .before you ever get a $1 0 raise!
How many of those guys in office
owe everything to me?

I made them.
I made them, just like a tailor
makes a suit of clothes.

I take a nobody, teach him what to say,
get his name in the papers.

I pay for his campaign expenses.
Dish out a lot of groceries and coal.
Get my boys to bring the voters out.
Then count the votes again. . .