Key Largo

Look at him. The great Johnny Rocco.
With Nora's spittle
hanging from his face!

Shut up, old man!
Come over here.
I'd like to spit on you.

Give me!
Give me!
Nothing to stop me from
wiping you all out!

What good'll that do?
Her kind's a dime a dozen.

Smack her and let it go at that.
That'd be right for you,
not for him.

I didn't ask for your advice!
The Roccos don't, or they
wouldn't be Roccos.

No, smacking her isn't enough.
He'd have to kill her.

Then he'd have to kill
those who witnessed it.

Not just Mr. Temple and me,
but all the witnesses.

It's all or nothing.
He needs you and Curly and Angel.
So it'll be nothing.
Wise guy.
Unlock this door!
Unlock this door! I want out!
Let her out.
I take off my hat to you, soldier.
It's good you said what you said,
or he'd have started shooting.

Close shave for you folks.
Closer than the one he got from Angel.

Where is everybody? Downstairs?
Hello, everybody.
Hi, fella.
Where's Johnny?
He's in there getting dressed.
I need a drink.
What's everybody doing upstairs?
Have you been crying?
Why? Has somebody been
mean to you?

Did you make her cry?
lf you did, you ought to be ashamed!

-How about a little drink?
-No, thanks.

Oh, come on.
It'll chase the blues away.