Key Largo

Is that someone calling?
Indians were at the door.
I sent them away.

You'd no right!
Listen to it.
The upstairs shutters gotta be closed,
or the roof might come off.

Go close them.
One thing I can't stand
is a dame that's drunk.

What I mean, they turn my stomach.
No good to themselves
or anybody else.

She got the shakes, see?
So she has a drink to get rid of them.
Then she has another.

First thing you know,
she's stinko again.

You gave me my first drink.
Oh, so it's all my fault now?
Everybody has their first drink,
but everybody ain't a lush!

If I'd known you'd act this way,
I wouldn't have come here.

If I'd known what you're like,
you wouldn't have been asked.

Eight years since I seen her.
You wouldn't know it's
the same dame.

You certainly haven't changed one bit.
Meaning what?
Gee, you're as mean as can be.
Mean as can be.
Now what does that remind me of?

Don't you remember?
That was in a song.
She used to sing it.

Yeah, that's right!
I gave her her first chance,
made her a singer.

Mention that. Why ain't you
a singing star instead of a lush?

Johnny, I didn't mean anything.
Yeah, she could've had a future.
She had everything.
Plenty of class.
I was the rage.
Gee, honey.