Nobody except us.
- You're not frightened still, are you?
- No.

Not even of me?
- No.
- That's good.

You just astound me, as always.
That's even better.
To David, of course.
- Brandon, how did you feel?
- When?

During it.
I don't know, really.
I don't remember
feeling very much of anything,

until his body went limp
and I knew it was over.
- And then?
- Then I felt tremendously exhilarated.

H-How did you feel?
Oh, I... I...
- You don't think the party's a mistake?
- No, it's the finishing touch to our work.

It's more.
It's the signature of the artists.

Not having it would be like, uh...
Painting the picture and not hanging it?
That's not a good choice of words.
It may end up too choice,
thanks to the party.

Oh, rot. This party will be
the most exciting ever given.

- With these people?
- Oh, they're a dull crew.

The Kentleys couldn't be duller if
they tried, but we did have to have them.

After all,
they are David's mother and father.

That doesn't make them
any easier to talk to.

Don't worry.
Janet'll be buttering them up, poor girl.

She's banked everything
on hooking David.

Somehow, I don't think
she's going to succeed.

- Do you?
- No, somehow I don't.

Well, she can switch back
to Kenneth tonight.

You must admit, it was most considerate
of me in view of recent events to...