The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Anybody get hurt?
Looks like we won that round.
- That guy with the gold hat, ain't he...
- We spotted him, too. The train robber.

- Maybe they got enough?
- I doubt it.

Since they know there's four guns,
they'll be more determined than ever.

- What do you suppose they'll pull next?
- No telling. All we can do is sit tight.

Cody, are you all right?
He's dead.
Got it right through the neck.
One less gun.
Chopping wood for camp, that's funny.
If they're up to what I think they are,
it ain't funny.

- What's that?
- They're building moving barricades.

An old Indian trick.
They crawl and push the barricades.
You can't see where to shoot.

I'd be willing to trade my share of the
mine right now for a few hand grenades.

You'd better get to your posts.