The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Get up there at the head of the train.
Get up!
The cards are dealt the other way now,
and for the last time no more shuffling.

- What cards are...
- I'm going to finish this right now.

I won't take orders from you
like I had to do today.

- You mean you're going to murder me?
- No, brother, not murder. Your mistake.

I'm doing it to save my life that you'd take
from me when I wasn't looking at you.

- The old man'll catch up with you.
- He will, will he?

I got an answer for that one, too.
Know what I'll tell him?

I'll tell him you tied me to a tree and
made your getaway taking all our goods.

He'll be looking for you and not me.
Up. March. Today I had to march
to your music, now you march to mine.

- Where?
- To your funeral.

Come on, keep going.