Whispering Smith

He asked me do I know him. Why, we were
practically weaned off the same bottle.

Came west, started railroading together
right here on this division.

Yes. Smith rode shotgun for
us in the payroll car. Sure.

A couple of years, me and Smitty
roomed together at Emmy's. Remember?

Yeah. Yeah. That was before
Marian and I were married.

Now he's way up there...
Whispering Smith.

for President Bucks himself.

Guys like Smitty
they don't make anymore.

What's he like? Well, he's
sort of quiet and gentle-like.

Till somebody spits in his
eye. Then he's like a rattler.

He just naturally unwraps himself.
Why, I've seen him toss six slugs into a gent's
belly button and never even seen him draw his guns

Yeah, but why do they
call him "Whispering Smith"?

Sonny boy, if you ever run off
with the company payroll...

and you hear somebody behind you talkin' low and
quiet, it's Whispering Smith and you're in trouble

What in the blazes? What does
he think he's doing up there?

Hey, you, Willie. Get forward and
tell that hogger to keep rollin'.

Maybe somebody's trying to flag us
down. Yeah. Maybe the Barton Boys.

Better get back.
Looking for someone?
Smitty! Smitty, we were
just talking about you.

How are ya, anyhow? Get away
from me, you big buffalo.

What have you been doing
with yourself? Hello, Baggy.

Hiya, Cap. Well, Doc, this
is just like coming home.

Come here, sweetheart. Let me look
at you. Boy, it's good to see you.

You too, Murray. Here. Let me
help you off with these wet things.

Get him a cup of coffee, Cap. You
sure picked a fine night for a walk.