Whispering Smith

Hiya, Hank. Hello, Smitty!
Am I glad to see you.
Hello, Bill. How are you?

Got yourself another touch
of lead poisoning, huh?

Sure look good on you,
though. You certainly do.

How's Emmy?
Oh, Emmy's just fine.

Said for me to tell you your old
room's all ready and waiting'.

Ah. Having you two kids together
again, I could spit nickels.

Go ahead, Bill. Here, Smitty.
Here's a present for you.

And always carry it in your shirt
pocket. Oh, well, thanks, Murray.

Well, look at this.
Ready, boys?
Let's go.

Acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance
be forgot

In the days
of auld lang syne

Met a friend of yours coming
out, Smitty. Barney Rebstock.

Uh, Barney heard you'd been
shot up. He asked after you.

Yeah. He seemed mighty disappointed
when he heard you wasn't buried yet.

Was he headed for town?
Shipping a bunch of steers.

I'll drive back to town
with ya, Bill. What for?

A word with Rebstock.
Why don't you keep your big
mouth shut? Yeah, why don't I?

Now, wait a minute, Smitty. What's the
rush to see Rebstock? I want Barton.

What? Are you crazy? You think he's got
Barton in his hat or somethin'? Yeah.

Why? I got a hunch he's got
Barton holed up in Williams Canyon.

Come on, Bill. Now, look, Smitty.
Let me handle this, will ya?

If your hunch is right, maybe I can
persuade Rebstock to turn Barton in.

What are you mixing in this for?
Well, you're certainly in no shape to.

Any other reason?
I don't want any trouble
with Rebstock.

Since when has a man like Rebstock, a thief
and a cattle rustler, meant anything to you?