Whispering Smith

Check this one,
will ya, Bill?

How we doin', Seagrue? First rate.
Here, Seagrue.
Here you go, men.
Cigars on the house.


Now, look. When you get a load, take it over
to Rebstock's place and come right back here.

Sure will.
Where do you want this barrel?

Let's set it up over here,

Easy, Murray.
That case ain't even damaged.

Well, it is now.
Look, boys! Come and get it!
Hiya, Murray.
Hi, Smitty. Why, you old buzzard,
you. What are you doing out here?

I thought I'd come around and
kick the lead out of your pants.

Sinclair, is this brandy?
Yeah, sure. Have some.

It'll make a man out of you.
You realize, of course, that drinking
on the job is against the rules.

Sweating out here in the hot sun like this,
a man needs more in his guts than plain water.

Isn't that right, fellas?
That's right.

- These cigars. Are they off the wreck too?
- Where else?

Sinclair, I'll give you five minutes;
then I'll expect these men back at work.

Why, you...
Take it easy, Murray.

He's only trying to do his job.
He's got a lot to learn yet.

Maybe I should learn him
with a pick handle.

Why don't you try giving him a break?
Maybe he'll learn as he goes along, huh?

What's that you're loading?
Oh, just some stuff that... some stuff
that got busted up in the wreck, I guess.

You got a match?

Whose wagon is this?

- Hey, Murray!
- Yeah!

Fella here wants to know
whose wagon this is.

It's mine, and these
men are off my ranch.

What is all this? It's
just exactly what you see...

damaged merchandise,
mostly junk.

Where are you hauling it?