Whispering Smith

What was it this time?
Same old thing.

Stock train piled up
this side of Smoky Creek.

You look a sight. I saw you
comin' and put the coffee on.

I guess bad luck, like they say,
comes all in a lump.

This ain't no "bad luck"...
bridges burned, switches left open,

journals sanded,
freight lost in shipment,

cattle stolen
from right out of the cars.

No. This is something
that's all been figured out.

Do we know who's doing it?
Don't ask me that. Of course
we know who's doing it!

And so does everybody
from here to Cheyenne!

If he only had the wit
to realize it, the fool!

Cherokee Indian snake oil!

Folks, it'll cure anything that
happens to be wrong with you.

I had a woman who come to me not long
ago. This woman suffered from insomnia.

I've got a letter from her here.
I want to read you this letter.

It says here,
"Unless you leave town immedia..."

No, that's not it.
That's a personal letter, my friends.

I'll drop you off here, huh? I thought we were
going to spend a quiet evening with Emmy and Bill.

This genuine Indian snake oil... Maybe that's
what you need, honey... a shot of snake oil.

You've sure been looking
kind of puny. Have I?

Yeah, kind of mopey, puttering
around the house like a sick hen.

I'm sorry, Murray.
And stop being sorry so much.

Every time I open my mouth,
you're sorry.

I'm sorry, honey.
Now you've got me doing it.

Hello, Murray. Hi
there! How's my big boy?

The wife.
Friends of Rebstock's.
Yes. I should imagine.

Well, if it ain't the little lady herself,
slick as a daisy and twice as pretty.