A Letter to Three Wives

Not much at dancing.
It makes me nervous.

- Does it?
- Whatever I do, I wanna do well.

Can't do a thing well,
leave it alone, I always say.

I think I will have
a little more wine, thank you.

Thank you very much.
Especially the rumba. Gotta have Spanish blood
or something, like my wife.

Comes from an old Spanish family
named Finney.

In many South American countries...
there are many very distinguished families
with Irish names.

Lora Mae looks good with Brad.
Looks like class. But it's him, not her.

If she was dancin' with a tramp,
she'd look like a tramp.

Got no class of her own.
I like class.
- You like class?
- Oh, very much.

You hit the jackpot.
Brad Bishop... class plus money.

Yes, sir. The jackpot and you hit it.
Count 'em on the fingers of one hand
in this town... throw away some fingers even.

There's... There's Brad and who else?
Yeah. There's Addie.
Addie? Addie who?
Ross. Addie Ross.
- Funny. People always figured
Brad and Addie would...
- Brad and Addie what?

The samba can be danced properly
only on the side of a hill on ice.

Alibi. He was afraid
of getting wrinkles in his new suit.

Oh, my first new party dress
in years...

thanks to my dear wife
and her millions of listeners...

including the armed forces overseas.
Shall we drink to them all...
one by one?

- How about some coffee?
- George. I think your tuxedo has got class, George.

- We thank you.
- Funny thing for a wife
to give her husband a tuxedo.

- An even funnier thing
for a husband to give his wife.

Come on, Deborah.
While the coffee's nice and hot.

- You're so funny, George.
- I still don't think a woman
oughta buy clothes for a man.

- It's about time they start.
- Contrary to nature.