A Letter to Three Wives

I sleep like a baby.
How you gonna put me in her house
a half hour every week?

- But she's not a housewife.
- Still, they have a great influence over housewives.

Sadie may not realize it...
but whether or not she thinks
she's listening, she's being penetrated.

Good thing she didn't
hear you say that.

And after penetration
comes saturation.

And when she's saturated,
she'll find herself saying...

"Madam, I suggest that you
buy our washing machine at Hollingsway's."

Not Sadie, and I've seen her
when she was saturated to the eyes.

You don't know what they're talking about.
Just shut up and eat.

Okay, Giant.
It's half past 8:00.
I can't miss Brenda. Excuse me, please.

- Well, where is she?
- Radio. Confessions of Brenda Brown.

- One of ours.
- Wait a minute!

You better let me do that for y...
I've gotta tell Sadie
to hold the ducks.

Sorry to eat and run like this.
So sorry.
I won't say it doesn't matter,
because it does.

Euclid Street, Wilkes-Barre,

She writes, "What a thrill it was
to hear my little girl say...

Mother, it's such fun to have you read to us...
now that you use Baby Breath.
So be sure you don't offend.
Be double-sure with Baby Breath.

- ##
- Oh, we missed most of the commercial.

And that's the best part too.

Just thought
I'd eat the soup while it's hot.

George, how'd that happen?
- Baby Breath brings you
the Confessions of Brenda Brown.
- Shh.

Who was the mysterious Central American...
with the gay smile
and the black pearl ring?

Promised a scoop
by her gruff city editor...

Brenda Brown,
girl reporter for the Star...

has accepted the senor's invitation to dine
and dance at a swank penthouse rendezvous.