Border Incident

Captioning made possible by
Turner Entertainment Group

Narrator: here is
the all-American canal.

It runs through the desert
for miles

Along the California-Mexico

A monument
to the vision of man,

The canal is the life-Giving
artery of water

That feeds
the vast farm empire

Of the imperial valley
of southern California.

Out of this desert wasteland,
Man's industry has made
a flourishing garden.

Farming in imperial valley
is a great industry.

Here a single field
of prosaic carrots or lettuce

Or flax or melons may be worth
a half million dollars.

This great agricultural
empire is important to the entire United States.

Nature never waits.
When the crops are ready,
they must be harvested.

This means manpower,
a vast army of farm workers

Who must be available
when needed,

And this army of workers comes
from our neighbor to the south--

From Mexico--
For the imperial valley
of California,

Like many other farm areas
of the great southwest,