Border Incident

The F.B.I. Of Mexico,
And Pablo Rodriguez, one of the
P.J.F.'S foremost investigators.

From Washington come
Assistant Commissioner of Immigration,

John MacReynolds,
And Inspector Jack Bearnes,
Who has just finished
a tour of duty along the gulf.

These officials of Mexico
and of the United States

Arrive for a meeting at the
governor's palace in mexicali

Across the border from
the California town of Calexico.

We are not talking
about bloody shirts or torn hats.

We're not talking
about that at all.

We are talking about
the people who lived and died in these clothes.

I know that, sir,
but if they cross illegally,

What is our responsibility
to them?

Most of my people
do not cross illegally.

Those who come over
with work permits, we protect,

And as a matter of fact,
Most of the ranchers on our side
obey these work treaties.

They take certified farm workers
and pay them legal wages.

These things we know,
but some of my people, they are not well-Educated.

They allow themselves
to be smuggled across.

I know, and some
of my people pay them half wages,

Conceal them from arrest,
make them live in fear,

And send them back
to the desert to be robbed and killed.

Since these people work
together to break the law,

We will work together
to enforce the law.

You've worked with
one another before.

Of course.
Oh, Pablo here,
sure. We're old friends.

We worked on
a case together

In brownsville,
texas, years ago.

whatever happened

To that very
pretty girl?

She was about
20 years old--

The one
we picked up in matamoros?

Oh, yes. The last
I heard of her,

She was getting
much less beautiful

In a prison
in tamaulipas.

Oh, I'm sorry
to hear that.

You wish to continue
with these personal reminiscences?

Well, this was
an awful pretty girl, senor.

She certainly was.
Captain, tell them
your plan.

Well, I, um--
I intend to become a bracero.

I will appear in mexicali
and be very impatient to come to the United States.

I can be very impatient,
as you know.