Border Incident

Yeah, you'll be paid.
How much
the hour, senor?

25 cents, paisano.
In Mexico, senor,
they told us 75 cents.

Listen, monkey.
You come in here
like a crook, break our laws,

And expect to be treated
like one of us? Get out! All right, get a move on!

Man: outside, come on.
That's where
I lost him.

He was with
a dozen braceros,

And they all

Probably all over on this side
of the line by now.

The perla de oro.
That's the
jumping-Off point, eh?

That's right.
The runners pick them up

And take them to
the tortilla shop.

From there they go
to the perla de oro,

And after that,
I don't know where they go.

Your Mexican sidekick Pablo
is probably finding that out right now.

I think it's about time

We put in
the second half of the plan.

Yeah, it is.
There's a fella named Baldy
we've been watching.

He handles illegal
immigration permits.

We know his source, but not
who he passes them on to.

We've got his hands tied,
all right, though.

We've got a stakeout
in his store.

You know, someplace, somebody--
Maybe a lot of somebodies--

Are going to need
the illegal crossing cards.

And who do you think
is going to have them?

Who do I think is
going to have them,

He wants to know.
It couldn't be me.

Oh, yes.
It was your idea.

Well, I'd better
have a pretty good excuse

For having
these things.

You have.
Driver's license.

My name is
Jack Bryant,

And several hundred
different kinds of G-Men are looking for me

For stealing 425
immigration permits in new orleans.